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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Next Chapter

On June 26th 2010, I became a Mrs. marrying my love & best friend "the Hubs" I have always believed that I was born to be a wife and mother, and am ecstatic that I have just embarked upon the most fabulous journey of my life.
Although I have always been somewhat skeptical of blogging "Why do I care what's going on in your life...I've got my own problems" and "Who and why would anyone, especially strangers, care what I have to say" have often come out of my mouth. But alas I succumbed and have started writing to share my journey as a new wife (even if the only people who read this are my future children).

I've often thought that I was born in the wrong era, as I deeply believe in the traditional roles of husband and wife, household and family. The good ol days of Ozzie & Harriet and Donna Reed - kitten heels & aprons, milk in glass bottles, lavender scented linens, and Sunday Roasts. Homemaking making makes me happy - when I have the time to do it. To me there's no better feeling than waking up early and surprising "the Hubs" with yummy french toast/bacon breakfast, or creating fresh flower arrangements for my house from cheap stems I found at a corner deli in NYC.

I'm excited to take on the challenges of being a wife, and all of the rolls of responsibilities that comes along with that! I plan on taking this next year, the first year of my marriage, to figure out who I am as a wife & partner, and continue the celebration of life, love and happiness we felt throughout our wedding weekend in Rhinecliff, NY.

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