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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Today Wednesday Sept 29th

My coffee with 2 Splenda and Half & Half and Pint Glass with Crushed Ice and Cold Water. When I arrive at my office I dump my bag at my desk and head to the kitchen. Its my morning ritual, and I take comfort in that!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mums Make Me Happy!

I spent yesterday reorganizing and DEEP cleaning my house (it needed it!!), and planting my Autumn Window Baskets! I feel like a NEW WOMAN!! Work up nice and early, threw on yoga pants, a good sports bra, my fav junk T shirt, rubber gloves and pulled my hair into a tight pony tail...That's my "Don't mess with me I'm on a mission" outfit! And boy, I kicked this condo's @$$! I was exhausted by the end of the day, but I was reveling in the soothing comfort of my very clean house. The Hubs' and I had a yummy dinner of left over spaghetti (which tastes better the older it gets!) and at 9 o'clock he and the dog were snoring (not so softly) on the couch. I put them both to bed. I wiped down my counters, and turned on my dishwasher,and just stood in the dimmed light of my kitchen listening to the smooth humming of the pre-rinse cycle. I looked around and realized, this is it...I have everything I've always wanted...A beautiful home, a loving husband, a loyal dog (as loyal as a Shih Tzu named princess can be), a rapidly blossoming career, and a solid group of family & friends that support me.
I have worked hard at creating a life that I love, and am extremely grateful. As a late 20-something, living in NYC and working in the industry I work in, I feel that fulfillment and gratefulness is few and far between amongst my counterparts. I promise to always be grateful for the life I have created for my myself.

My Autumnal Window Boxes!
Alternating Red & Orange Mums & Moonlight Kale.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm coming back...For Real This Time!

I'm finally settled into a somewhat normal schedule and will be blogging from desk in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC, starting Monday.
I've missed my lil blog, and am looking forward to getting back into it and sharing my adventures!
Enjoy the the weekend, and the beautiful weather that this
change of season is bringing us!