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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mums Make Me Happy!

I spent yesterday reorganizing and DEEP cleaning my house (it needed it!!), and planting my Autumn Window Baskets! I feel like a NEW WOMAN!! Work up nice and early, threw on yoga pants, a good sports bra, my fav junk T shirt, rubber gloves and pulled my hair into a tight pony tail...That's my "Don't mess with me I'm on a mission" outfit! And boy, I kicked this condo's @$$! I was exhausted by the end of the day, but I was reveling in the soothing comfort of my very clean house. The Hubs' and I had a yummy dinner of left over spaghetti (which tastes better the older it gets!) and at 9 o'clock he and the dog were snoring (not so softly) on the couch. I put them both to bed. I wiped down my counters, and turned on my dishwasher,and just stood in the dimmed light of my kitchen listening to the smooth humming of the pre-rinse cycle. I looked around and realized, this is it...I have everything I've always wanted...A beautiful home, a loving husband, a loyal dog (as loyal as a Shih Tzu named princess can be), a rapidly blossoming career, and a solid group of family & friends that support me.
I have worked hard at creating a life that I love, and am extremely grateful. As a late 20-something, living in NYC and working in the industry I work in, I feel that fulfillment and gratefulness is few and far between amongst my counterparts. I promise to always be grateful for the life I have created for my myself.

My Autumnal Window Boxes!
Alternating Red & Orange Mums & Moonlight Kale.

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