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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Homemaker Tip

Real Simple Magazine is my Bible...It is such a joy when I open my mailbox to find the over sized brightly colored publication! The photographs, the stories, the tips bring me joy! I appreciate the reality they speak of in their articles like, "How to Fake a Clean House"
When it comes to cleaning my house, I can vacuum and dust all day long, as I listen to my mix of Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney...But I DREAD the bathrooms. Yuckity Yuck Yuck YUCK!
My Aunt always tell the story of a dear friend standing outside of Mass on a Sunday Afternoon, "Gert, what are you plans for the afternoon?" "Joan, I'm going to go home, strip down to my underwear and Clorox the entire bathroom." I wish I had that sort of gusto in me! I love the look and smell of a sparkling bathroom, who doesn't!?
I was so excited and relieved when I stumbled across this "Speed Clean Your Bathroom Checklist" courtesy of Real Simple Magazine! My competitive nature is sparked and I time myself to see how fast I can really get through the process! Take the time you saved and do something nice for yourself...a 15 minute at home facial is my treat!
Real Simple also has an in depth "Complete Bathroom Checklist" that I use once a month to really get the job done! I've printed both checklists out, and placed them back to back in a plastic page protector, and keep them in my bathroom cleaning supply caddy (I know I'm a dork). This way I never skip a step and my bathrooms remain our little sanctuaries! Happy Speed Cleaning!

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